Positive Mental Attitude -  5 Myths of

Having a positive mental attitude is crucial in life. If we cannot look upon ourselves with a positive outlook then who will. We can call it having a PMA. Live life with confidence. Be motivated to make the most of life and to help others.

"To think health when surrounded by the appearances of disease or to think riches when in the midst of the appearances of poverty requires power, but whoever acquires this power becomes a master mind. That person can conquer fate and can have what he wants." W.D Wattles

What is true is that seeing things in a positive light, looking for the best, rejecting the worst or negative or bad, is a 'positive' and uplifting way to not only view life but live it at the same time. This outlook will enable you to live life as you have always wanted to. With confidence, motivation, satisfaction and productivity.

“A positive mental attitude is the starting point of all riches, whether they be riches of a material nature or intangible riches.“ - Napoleon Hill

The Basis of PMA 
What is the basis of having a positive outlook and mental attitude? Its basic tennent is that to be optimistic in life will bring its rewards in greater achievement and accomplishment. A person with an optimistic nature will be happier in themselves and enjoy life more.

And also that we will not only bring more to our own life but that we will be able to contribute more, too.

With so many myths about positive mental attitude (PMA), it’s important to separate the truth from the fiction. Let’s explore some of these myths and dive into the truths behind them.

Myth #1: Negative thinking is more realistic.

Have you ever heard a negative person say that they aren’t negative; they’re just being ‘realistic’? This myth keeps people locked in a negative reality of their own creation.

A person’s thoughts, whether positive or negative, do have an effect on their environment. If you think negatively, your mind will automatically seek out confirmation that the world is a terrible place. Seeing is believing, and your mind reinforces your belief that reality is negative. See how it’s a downward spiral of negativity? If you expect negative results, you are less likely to take risks and try new things. Negative thinking masks your impressions in fear.

Positive thinking works the same way. With a positive mental attitude, you’ll seek out positive choices and expect positive results. This helps you move past fear and try things that others may believe “can’t be done”. This typically end in positive results.

A person’s thinking helps determine their reality. Negative thinking is realistic for the negative thinker, but only because their thoughts make it true. Ironically, the positive thinking also sees reality, just in a different light. Both types of people see their own reality, and both consider it the reality.

Myth #2: People with a PMA expect moneybags to fall out of the sky if they wish for them.

Those who don’t believe in positive thinking imagine that positive thinkers expect that their desire will manifest itself if they simply think positively about it. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Everyone who accomplishes anything – whether it’s earning a million dollars or becoming an award-winning actor – accomplish it the same way: by taking action. Positive people have an edge because they believe the object of their desire is attainable. They come from a ‘can-do’ mindset. Their actions are not based on fear or scarcity, but based on possibilities. Thus, a positive attitude helps a person manifest their desires, not simply by dreaming about it, but by inspiring the person to take action.

“It’s the action behind the attraction that makes the dream come true.“

Myth #3: Positive thinking doesn’t change reality

People who believe this myth see a problem and believe that positive thinking will only ignore the ugliness of their reality. The truth is positive thinking doesn’t ignore the problem; it helps you see the problem in a new light. In fact, you don’t even see ‘problems’ as problems. Think about it; regardless of how you react to an external situation, the situation will still be the same. If being upset doesn’t change the outcome of a past situation, wouldn’t it serve you, and your health, to see the positives?

A positive mental attitude creates a mindset of abundance, enthusiasm, and solutions. Instead of thinking about what can’t be done, a positive thinker will not be constrained by ‘can’ and ‘cannot.’ A positive thinker is free to think of new ways to solve problems because they are not limited by fear of failure. When we are in a state of abundance, we provide a fertile ground for possibilities and making dreams a reality. We are in a state of allowance, openly accepting the gifts of life to flow to us. When I realized this principle and shifted my thinking habits, miracles started popping up in my life.

A positive mental attitude can – and indeed does – change reality by allowing a person to act in an entirely different way, thus harvesting entirely different results.

“Successful men become successful only because they acquire the habit of thinking in terms of success.“ Napoleon Hill

Myth #4: Positive thinkers have no clue about the real world.

It’s easy to believe that people with a positive mental attitude have perfect lives and never dealt with real world hardships. Maybe people wouldn’t be so positive if they’d endured a few difficult times in their lives. But the truth is that this is really just a justification for negative thinking.

I don’t know a positive person who hasn’t had real and serious trials in their lives. They’ve faced disappointment, death of loved ones, physical handicap, and pretty much the range of human experiences we all deal with. The difference is that these people didn’t let those experiences change their outlook. A positive mental attitude means that you are in control of your own thoughts and feelings.

“Responsibilities = our abilities to control our responses.” paraphrasing Steven Covey

Every person has sorrows and trials that test them to the core, but only some people have the courage to act positively and with grace. A positive mental attitude doesn’t mean a person has sidestepped a hard life. It simply means they choose to see and take part in the good things life has to offer, as opposed to only the negative.

In Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl an extraordinary Holocaust survivor talks about finding happiness and purpose while in a Nazi concentration camp. In his book, he argues that “we cannot avoid suffering but we can choose how to cope with it, find meaning in it, and move forward with renewed purpose.“

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space.

In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and freedom.“

- Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

Myth #5: People with a PMA are annoying and cheesy.

Okay, let’s admit it, some types of positive people are a little cheesy. We’re talking about the kind who spout platitudes and expect everything to be perfect no matter what. But truly positive people aren’t Tony Robbins infomercials. Positive people have real thoughts and have setbacks and discouragement just like everyone else, but they are also resilient and look for ways to stay positive. And that’s not cheesy, it’s just healthy thinking! And smart living!

Truly positive people do not expect perfection, but rather, they expect that every event is the best thing that could have happened in that moment. It is the only event that happened in that moment. Now that you’re considering the event, that moment has past. You cannot go back and change the moment, so you have to accept what happened was the best, and move on to the next moment.

Even in external circumstances that seem out of our control, we can always control is our internal response. In fact, it’s the only thing we have absolute control over.

from thinksimplenow.com 

    Tuwasiliane ikiwa una maoni, maswali au mchango wowote kuhusiana na mada zilizomo humu. 

Are you with highly sexual natures? Count yourself blessed

Bofya picha hii ya kitabu ili kujipatia nakala yako ya bure ya Think and Grow Rich.

Are you with highly sexual natures? Count yourself blessed

These are but some of the quotes from the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, chapter XI. 

Sex desire is the most powerful of human desires. When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other time.

Love, romance and sex are all emotions capable of driving men to heights of super achievement. When combined, these three emotions may lift one to an altitude of a genius.

The emotions are states of mind. Nature has provided man with a “chemistry of mind” which operates in a manner similar to the principle of chemistry of matter. it is well known fact that, through the aid of chemistry matter, a chemist may create a deadly poison by mixing certain elements, none of which are – in themselves – harmful in the right proportions. 

The emotions may, likewise, be combined so as to create a deadly poison. The emotions of sex and jealousy when mixed may turn a person into an insane beast.

  when harnessed, and redirected along other lines, this motivating force maintains all of its attributes of keenness of imagination, courage, etc., which may be used as powerful creative forces in literature, art, or in any other profession or calling, including, of course accumulation of riches.

A river may be damned, and its water controlled for a time, but eventually, it will force an outlet. The same is true of emotion of sex. It may be submerged and controlled for a time but its very nature causes it to be ever seeking means of expression. If it is not transmuted into some creative effort, it will find a less worthy outlet.

When driven by this emotion, men become gifted with a super power for action.
Destroy the sex glands, whether in man or beast, and you have removed the major source of action. 

Sex, alone is a mighty urge to action, but its forces are like a cyclone- the are often uncontrollable. When the emotion of love begins to mix itself with the emotion of sex, the result is calmness of purpose, poise, accuracy of judgment, and balance.  


When driven by his desire to please a woman, based solely upon the emotion of sex, a man may be, and usually is, capable of great achievement, but his action may be disorganized, distorted, and totally destructive.

When driven by his desire to please a woman, based upon the motive of sex alone, a man may steal, cheat, and even commit murder.

But when the emotion of love is mixed with the emotion of sex, the same man will guide his action with more sanity, balance, and reason.

Men and women who are known to be blessed- yes, blessed - with highly sexual natures, are usually looked upon as being people who will bear watching. instead of being called blessed, they are usually called cursed. 

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Successful Men.

"Desire is the key to motivation, but it's the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek." Mario Andretti       

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Choice, not circumstances, determines your success.

Je wajua ni vipi kampuni hii ilipewa jina hili la Shell (Makombe)? kuna mahusiano gani kati ya Kombe na mafuta? je ni nini historia ya kampuni hii na mmiliki wake? ifuatayo ni historia fupi sana juu ya kampuni hii:- 

Some years ago, a young entrepreneur called Marcus Samuel set up a small shop in the East End London. He spotted a growing craze for seashells, partly for decoration, and partly for natural history enthusiasts. He set about specializing in this market.

After a while, and being an enterprising type of chap, he soon realized he could make some more money from actually shipping the shells in from the Far East selling them to other shops. The Marcus Samuel shipping and trading Company was born.

On a business trip there, his son spotted that there was also abundance of oil, which they could ship at the same time, and built a special boat for this. This year was 1890, and the company changed its name, in recognition of its main cargo, to the Shell Transport and Trading Company. As the demand for oil really took off and replaced the shells, the company became good old Shell Oil.

Shell is today the largest retailer in the world.

Bila shaka hadithi hii fupi sana itakuwa imekupa picha fulani, na kama utakuwa mmoja wa wale ambao ulikuwa haujui jinsi gani Kampuni hii ya Shell ilianzishwa. Lakini jambo kubwa la kujifunza katika hadithi hii fupi ni uthubutu wa kuamua, Bwana Marcus alikuwa anafanya biashara ya Kombe (Seashells), alianza kuokota, kukusanya na kisha kufungua kiosk na kuuza, lakini hakulidhika na kiosk aliamua kuanza kusafirisha nje ya nchi na hatimaye Mashariki ya mbali, akawa mfanyabiashara wa kimataifa.

 Watu wengi (wafanyabiashara, waajiriwa, waliojiajiri nk) wakifika hapo uwa wanajenga tabia ya kuridhika, na kuona maisha wameyapatia, katika hatua hiyo wengi udhani wanajua zaidi ya yeyote na kuwa hakuna mtu anaweza kumshauri kuhusu biashara ama fursa nyingine ya kuwekeza, wanakuwa katika COMFORT ZONE,  si pabaya ila si pazuri pia.

 Marcus Samuel alishauriwa na mwanae juu ya kujaribu fursa ya mafuta, biashara mpya kabisa ambayo hawajai kuifanya, lakini pia ambayo ilihitaji mtaji mkubwa zaidi ya ule waliokuwa nao, mtu aliye kwenye COMFORT ZONE angesema, achana nayo hii yatosha sana, yanini hiyo? kwani hapa pesa hatupati? wapi tutapata pesa zoote kuanzisha biashara hiyo? je tutauza wapi? Kumbuka kuwa miaka ile 1890 hakukuwa viwanda, mitambo ama magari mengi yanayotumia mafuta kama hii leo, asilimia kubwa ya magari yalikuwa ni ya kuvutwa na farasi, lakini bado Marcus Samuel aliamua, "ALICHAGUA" pasipo kuangalia "CIRCUMSTANCES" kufanya biashara hiyo, na hivi leo ni kampuni kubwa sana ya mafuta duniani? 

 Utaona kuwa, ni kweli:- "Choice, not circumstances, determines your success." Source: Caspian Woods - From acorn:



Self-esteem is a term used in psychology to reflect a person's overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth. It encompasses beliefs (for example, "I am competent", "I am worthy") and emotions such as triumph, despair, pride and shame.

Self Esteem is essential to nearly everything you do. It affects your success in relationships, your family life, leisure activities, work, career and life. It affects your behavior, thinking, and everything you attempt in life. It impacts on everything you want to do.

A firm belief in your capabilities and self-confidence is the single most important asset you have as a person. Even with all the resources and skills in the world, a person will fall short of attempting what could be their greatest achievements if they do not have the Self Confidence and Self Love to attempt what they want in life.


Following are six behaviors that increase self-esteem, enhance your self-confidence, and spur your motivation. You may recognize some of them as things you naturally do in your interactions with other people. But if you don’t, I suggest you motivate yourself to take some of these important steps immediately.

First, greet others with a smile and look them directly in the eye. A smile and direct eye contact convey confidence born of self-respect. In the same way, answer the phone pleasantly whether at work or at home, and when placing a call, give your name before asking to speak to the party you want to reach. Leading with your name underscores that a person with self-respect is making the call.

Second, always show real appreciation for a gift or compliment. Don’t downplay or sidestep expressions of affection or honor from others. The ability to accept or receive is a universal mark of an individual with solid self-esteem.

Third, don’t brag. It’s almost a paradox that genuine modesty is actually part of the capacity to gracefully receive compliments. People who brag about their own exploits or demand special attention are simply trying to build themselves up in the eyes of others—and that’s because they don’t perceive themselves as already worthy of respect.

Fourth, don’t make your problems the centerpiece of your conversation. Talk positively about your life and the progress you’re trying to make. Be aware of any negative thinking, and take notice of how often you complain. When you hear yourself criticize someone—and this includes self-criticism—find a way to be helpful instead of critical.

Fifth, respond to difficult times or depressing moments by increasing your level of productive activity. When your self-esteem is being challenged, don’t sit around and fall victim to “paralysis by analysis.” The late Malcolm Forbes said, “Vehicles in motion use their generators to charge their own batteries. Unless you happen to be a golf cart, you can’t recharge your battery when you’re parked in the garage!”

Sixth, choose to see mistakes and rejections as opportunities to learn. View a failure as the conclusion of one performance, not the end of your entire career. Own up to your shortcomings, but refuse to see yourself as a failure. A failure may be something you have done—and it may even be something you’ll have to do again on the way to success—but a failure is definitely not something you are.

Even if you’re at a point where you’re feeling very negatively about yourself, be aware that you’re now ideally positioned to make rapid and dramatic improvement. A negative self-evaluation, if it’s honest and insightful, takes much more courage and character than the self-delusions that underlie arrogance and conceit. I’ve seen the truth of this proven many times in my work with athletes. After an extremely poor performance, a team or an individual athlete often does much better the next time out, especially when the poor performance was so bad that there was simply no way to shirk responsibility for it. Disappointment, defeat, and even apparent failure are in no way permanent conditions unless we choose to make them so. On the contrary, these undeniably painful experiences can be the solid foundation on which to build future success.

Self Esteem is the perception you hold of yourself and your sense of Self Worth. If you hold a healthy OR wealthy sense of self worth then you have a healthy or wealthy Self Esteem or a high level of Self Confidence.

Your Self Image, the way you look at the world and your place in it, and how much you value yourself as a person, are influenced by how important you think you are.


The socio-psychological concept of self-confidence relates to self-assuredness in one's personal judgment, ability, power, etc., sometimes manifested excessively. (Wikipedia)

Confidence in oneself or one's own abilities: "Without self-confidence we are as babes in the cradle" (Virginia Woolf)


“Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.”  Malcom S.

"One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation." - Arthur Ashe

"The history of the world is full of men who rose to leadership, by sheer force of self-confidence, bravery and tenacity." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Self-confidence is the result of a successfully survived risk." - Jack Gibb

"Those who believe that they are exclusively in the right are generally those who achieve something." - Aldous Huxley

“Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.”

"The history of the world is full of men who rose to leadership, by sheer force of self-confidence, bravery and tenacity." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Self-confidence is the result of a successfully survived risk." - Jack Gibb

"Those who believe that they are exclusively in the right are generally those who achieve something." - Aldous Huxley

"A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity." - Lazarus Long

"I wish I was as cocksure of anything as Tom Macaulay is of everything." - Lord Melbourne

"True it is that she who escapeth safe and unpolluted from out the school of freedom, giveth more confidence of herself than she who comet sound out of the school of severity and restraint." - Michel Eyquem De Montaigne

"The most vital quality a soldier can possess is self-confidence." - George S. Patton

"I have great faith in fools; My friends call it self-confidence." - Edgar Allan Poe

"Calm self-confidence is as far from conceit as the desire to earn a decent living is remote from greed." - Channing Pollock

"There's one blessing only, the source and cornerstone of beatitude -- confidence in self." - Seneca

"It is easy -- terribly easy -- to shake a man's faith in himself. To take advantage of that to break a man's spirit is devil's work." - George Bernard Shaw

"Do not attempt to do a thing unless you are sure of yourself; but do not relinquish it simply because someone else is not sure of you." - Stewart E. White

"Without self-confidence we are as babes in the cradles. And how can we generate this imponderable quality, which is yet so invaluable most quickly? By thinking that other people are inferior to oneself." - Virginia Woolf

"A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity." - Lazarus Long

Confidence in oneself or one's own abilities:
"Without self-confidence we are as babes in the cradle" (Virginia Woolf)

Cheers everyone



Today gentleman’s I am honored to coach you, more honored to take you into the field of battle.

There is another honor to be bestowed upon you,

That is the answer that comes with that question,

Who am I?


That’s right and I need you to remember that all throughout this game,

I will conquer what has not been conquered, defeat will not be in my creed,

 I will believe what others have doubted,

I will always endeavor the prestige, honor, and respect of my team,

I have trained my mind and my body will follow,

Who am I?


I will acknowledge the fact that my opponents do not expect me to win,

But I will never surrender,

Weakness will not be in my heart,

I will look to my comrades, to those who have brought me into this world, and those who have trained me and I will draw strength from them

Who am I?


I will gladly go out into the field of battle,

And I will move, groove, and do everything that I can do,

And I will reach my field of battle by any means at my disposal

And when I get there I will arrive violently

I will rip the heart of my enemy and leave it bleeding on the ground, because he cannot stop me,

Who am I?


To my side I have comrades,

Comrades that have been with me through thick and thin

Through sacrifice, through blood, through sweat, through tears,

Never will let them fall,

Never will I let them down

And I will never leave the enemy behind,

Because our opponent does not know my heart,

 Who am I?


No one will deny me,

No one will defy me,

And no one will tell me who and what I am and can be

Belief will change my world,

It has moved the continents, and countries and put man on the moon,

And it will carry me trough this battle

Who am I?


Defeat, retreat those are not in my words,

I do not understand those definitions

I do not understand when things go wrong,

I do not understand mistakes,

But I do understand this,

I understand victory and I understand never surrendering

No matter how bad things go

My heart and my mind will carry my body when my limbs are too weak

Who am I?


today will be that day,

not tomorrow, not next week, but right now, right here, in your house and in your home

Who am I?


history will remember me

and I will not have to worry about him being kind

I will define myself,

I will right my own praises,

and no one will tell me what I can and cannot be,

I will never go home, no without giving everything I have got

coz Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?



What does it take to SUCCEED in whatever we want in life? Is it a strong DESIRE or a mere WISH?

WISH and DESIRE are two English words that are often confused. They appear to have similar meanings but strictly speaking, there is some difference between the two words.

Most of us have wishes and desires but we fail to distinguish the different between the two words and end up mixing them.

Wishing for something is not as same as desiring it, a wish is merely passive form of DESIRE, and most people never advance beyond the wishing stage. 

“The difference between wish and desire seems to be, that desire is directed to what is obtainable, and a wish may be directed to what is obtainable or not.”  websters

Dr Napoleon Hill wrote in the Law of Success:
"Desire, then is the starting point of all human achievement. It has been said, and not without reason, that one may have anything one wants, within reasonable limitations, providing one wants it badly enough!" he adds  "Any one who is capable of stimulating the mind to an intense state of desire is capable also of more the average achievement in the pursuit of that desire."

Just as Oak tree...sleeps within acorn, success begins in the form of an intense DESIRE. Out of strong desires, grow the motivating forces that cause men to cherish hopes, build plans, develop courage, and stimulate their minds to a highly intensified degree of action in pursuit of some definite plan or purpose. What is it that you DESIRE in life? you must remember that WISHING for a thing is not the same as DESERING it with such intensity that out of this desire grow impelling forces of action which drive one to build plans and put those plans to work.




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Ushinde woga ili kufikia ndoto/maono yako.

Woga ni adui mkubwa sana wa kufikia ndoto/MAONO yetu, Ni kibinadamu kuwa waoga, ni maumbile,  lakini Ili mtu aweze kufanikiwa na kufikia ndoto zake unabudi kuushinda woga.

Nimejisikia leo kuzungumzia juu ya mada hii kutokana na uzoefu nay ale niliokutana nayo katika juhudi za kufikia mafanikio ama ndoto/maono.

Dr Napaleon Hill anasema:

“Every person comes into this world cursed, to some extent, with six Basic Fears, all of which must be mastered before one may develop sufficient self-Confidence to attain outstanding success.”

Dr Hill amechukulia woga kama ni laana ya aina fulani inayozuia mtu kufikia ndoto ama malengo yake, hiki ni kiwazo kikubwa sana, anasema sote tumezaliwa na aina sita za woga ambazo hatuna budi kuzishinda iwapo twataka kufikia malengo ama ndoto zetu maishani, haijalishi ni ndoto gani ulionayo ni muhimu kwanza uushinde woga.

Dr Hill anasema:

These Basic six Fears are:

1.          The fear of Criticism

2.          The fear of ill health,

3.          The fear of poverty

4.          The fear of old age

5.          The fear of the loss of love of someone (ordinarily called jealousy)

6.          The fear of death

 The Fear of Criticism (Uoga wa kulaumiwa/kuchekwa/kudharauliwa/kukosolewa) ndio namba moja, wengi wetu tunaogopa kuelezea ndoto, maono au malengo yetu kwa kuogopa kuchekwa au kudharauliwa iwapo tutashindwa zetu.  

Huu ni uoga mbaya sana hatuna budi kuushinda ikiwa tunataka kuona maono/ndoto zetu zinakuwa kweli.

Pindi utakapoweza kuushinda woga huu itakuwa ni rahisi kwako kuushinda woga mwingine na hivyo kuwa katika njia sahihi kuelekea mafanikio, maono ama ndoto zako.

“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.” Dr Hill

Kila mmoja katika nafsi yake anayo labda picha au ndoto ya wapi au vipi anataka kuwa siku za usoni, pengine wengine wamekubali woga kufuta ndoto zao na hivyo kutakuwa na maono tena, hii ni hatari, kwani pasipo maono/ndoto ya nani au nini wataka kuwa maishani ni sawa na chombo kung’oa nanga bandarini pasipo kujua wapi kinapaswa kuelekea, matokea yake upepo utakipeleka popote na kitapotea bila shaka.

“Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true.” Dr Hill

Ndoto yangu ni kufikia Uhuru wa Kipato (Financial Freedom) ili niweze kuwa na uhuru wa kufanya kazi pale nitakapo na niwatakao, lakini pia niweze kwenda popote nitakapo duniani kwa wakati niutakao nikiwa na muda mrefu wa kuwa na familia yangu huku pato likizidi kila uchao, ni ndoto ambayo nataka iwe kweli, nashukuru Mungu kwa kunionesha njia ya kufikia ndoto hii.  

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”Winston Churchhill

    Ikiwa wapenda kupata mada hizi za kutia moyo ama vitabu vyake au wapenda kufahamu zaidi juu ya njia kufikia Uhuru wa kipato jaza fomu hii na uitume.